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Data Loss

Everyday we take pictures, create documents and spreadsheets, make videos of family and friends and process large amounts of research data. Everyday we store information about our lives on some computer device. We’re happy with this until we suffer a loss!

Hopefully we’ve made a backup? With technical advances in cloud based storage this has never been easier. However, the data recovery industry continues to make billions of dollars every year and grows at a steady rate of 10% each year.

Techniques for recovering data have seen great improvement over the years. Unfortunately, the consumer experience has not kept up with these advances. This service will change that. The time required for data recovery will be reduced by giving the consumer an estimate before any media or drive is shipped.

With all these tools at hand you should know your chances, know when the job will be complete and know exactly how much is going to cost you before you send the media to a data recovery provider?

Our mission is to provide an accurate data recovery estimate before you drop-off or ship your broken data storage device and give you choices for finding a suitable provider to address your unique situation.



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